Cleanup Day

Aviation, nature, & community! These descriptors of Holley Mountain came to light again on Saturday, May 18th. Several neighbors gathered to work outdoors cleaning and beautifying our beloved community. Afterward, we enjoyed our awesome community center and shared a meal together. Thank you to all who helped make this another terrific day at 2A2!

Eclipse Viewing at Holley Mountain

EAA Chapter 1459 here at Holley Mountain Airpark successfully hosted a number of visitors for the
2024 total solar eclipse. Approximately 75 individuals including friends and family of airpark neighbors gathered at our Community Center to experience the likely once-in-a-lifetime event. Several aviators flew in the night before the eclipse to camp under the wing with us, while others arrived the day of the eclipse. While many flew in, others chose to drive in, including one amateur astrophotographer, who used an array of equipment to capture the celestial event. Some visitors took the time to get a guided tour of the whole neighborhood, to get a glimpse of what airpark living is all about. In the end, everyone seemed to have a terrific time, as the skies cooperated by clearing completely for the entire two-day event!


Fiber Internet Comes to Holley Mountain Airpark!

After several months of challenging underground boring through the rocky substrate under Holley Mountain Airpark, we now have active high-speed fiber internet.  The service is provided by Petit Jean Fiber, the sister company to our primary electric service provider (Petit Jean Electric).  Since the fiber network is closely following our existing electrical grid layout, any lot with access to electrical service should have easy access to have fiber installed at their address.  Available speeds are 100 Mbps, 200 Mbps, and 1 Gig, and phone service is also available using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).  The internet service and network reliability have been outstanding.  Please see the Petit Jean Fiber website ( for details on plans and pricing!

Contact Survey

Attention property owners: Please look for an email dated 1/9/2024 with the subject “HMPOA Communication Survey”.  Our Board of Directors would like to update our contact information and hear from you regarding your communication preferences and how you would like this website to function. Please complete it at your earliest convenience. If you have any questions, please contact HMAPOA Board Members Dave or Brian.

LED Taxiway Lights

Two of our residents, Milt Bland and Ken Blair, replaced the taxiway light bulbs with LED bulbs going from 69 watts to 6.8 watts per bulb.  This is saving us about $30.00/month on electric costs as well as giving us a lifetime supply of FAA approved runway lights!  We are working on updating our overall lighting to improve the lighting and reliability while reducing costs.

Weather Reporting System

Holley Mountain Airpark now has a “Say Weather” weather advisory system.  It is activated by 6 mic clicks on our CTAF 122.7. It gives us the temperature, dew point, density altitude and wind speed as well as gusts and direction.  On a final approach just wind can be obtained with 4 clicks.   The sensors are located just across the runway from the pond.  You can access our information by going to Weather Underground, location is Clinton, AR and then it usually comes up with a downtown system, click change and “KARCLINT11” should appear which is us, and updates about every 10 seconds.