Weather Reporting System

Holley Mountain Airpark now has a “Say Weather” weather advisory system.  It is activated by 6 mic clicks on our CTAF 122.7. It gives us the temperature, dew point, density altitude and wind speed as well as gusts and direction.  On a final approach just wind can be obtained with 4 clicks.   The sensors are located just across the runway from the pond.  You can access our information by going to Weather Underground, location is Clinton, AR and then it usually comes up with a downtown system, click change and “KARCLINT11” should appear which is us, and updates about every 10 seconds.

Fall Colors Come Early

Thanks to the HMA Garden Group volunteers, fall colors arrived early – delivered in an SUV!

Over 30 of the colorful plants found a new home at the entry island/rock…

And the postal center!

Thanks to Ron, Mary, Marty, Beth and David for exercising their Green Thumbs for all to enjoy.

Tina Swift Named Person of the Month in 501 LIFE

Our own Catherine Hayes Swift (around the airpark we call her “Tina”) has been honored as Person of the Month in the June 2018 issue of 501 LIFE Magazine.

Tina and husband Harvey, a retired navy pilot and retired Southwest Airlines pilot, enjoy time with their horses other toys here at the airpark.   Tina serves as Director of the Fairfield Bay Community Education Center and Farfield Bay Historic Preservation Officer.   She’s also on the Board of Directors of the Fairfield Bay Community Fund, member of the Arkansas Dressage Society, EAA and Arkansas Archeological Society and Faulkner County Animal Response Team Leader.   She holds many higher education degrees including Associate of science in biology degree from Panama Canal College; bachelor of business administration (management information systems), master of science in curriculum and instruction, doctorate of education in higher education administration from Texas A&M University Corpus Christi; master’s diploma in national security and strategic studies from the Naval War College in Newport, R.I.   Congratulations to Tina Swift, one of many talented people that make Holley Mountain Airpark a special place to live!


501 LIFE is a monthly publication that celebrates the quality of life in central Arkansas’ 501 area code.  To view Tina’s article click HERE

Roadway Improvements Kick Off Spring

Roads were closed on April 16th and 17th  to allow Asphalt Pavers Inc. of Conway to resurface several areas of airpark roadway .

Two stretches of pavement had been showing signs of wear and breakdown, especially after the copious amount of rain we experienced in late winter and early spring of this year.  Both resurfacing projects picked up where last year’s paving stopped near the bottom of Flag Hill.   On Southridge Road the new overlay extends to the beginning of Citation Drive, while on Mustang Drive the fresh pavement reaches to just east of the Harrier Road intersection.

A small portion of Citation Hill was also repaved to repair two areas of damage.   This is the only airpark pavement resurfacing project currently planned for 2018.

‘HMAW’ Ladies Have a Fun Musical Gathering

The women of HMA (HMAW), had a fun gathering Monday night (2/5) at Beth Sauer’s home on Stinson.

Earlier, anniversary dates had been collected, and the surprise reason was to share what the #1 song was on each woman’s wedding date. Beth played samples from each song as all tried to figure out if it might be theirs. Songs ranged from the romantic such as Best of My Love by Petula Clark (Debbie Haley), to some really apropos songs such as Get Out of My Dreams, Get Into My Car by Billy Ocean (Cheryl Williams).  This was followed by a contest to see who could guess the number of 3D airplanes (not pictures of planes) in 5 rooms of Beth’s home. It was 37, and Shirley Scroggins got it exactly (even finding one Beth missed)!  That was followed by a “chick flick”, The Proposal (Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds) which gave everyone a good time!  The HMAW gathers as often as someone decides to hold a gathering and all women of HMA are welcome.  (Beth is working on a list of HMAW and their contact information that can be shared with the group.)

Progressive Dinner Kicks Off 2018

Mother Nature did her best to throw an icy chill on the mountain New Year’s Day, but she was no match for the warm friends and fellowship of our annual Progressive Dinner.

Even with temps hovering in the teens and some folks out of town there was an excellent turn-out for the affair as 35 Holley Mountaineers shook off the cold for our traditional kick-off to the new year – a New Year’s Day three-stop touch-n-go culinary journey ‘around the patch’ – with appetizers at the home of Neal and Debbie Haley, the main course at John and Carol Oakland’s hangar, followed by desserts and coffee at the home of Walt and Linda Petersen.  










A silly little tradition is the drawing for the new year-long home of the Airpark Squirrel, which this year was awarded to the Haley’s. 









The little guy will be on display at the newest home in the airpark for the remainder of 2018!


A big thank you to the hosts and volunteers of this years dinner that helped make a cold night feel a lot warmer.   Have a safe and happy new year!

AOPA Magazine Features Oz Opportunities

There are many opportunities to find interesting flying destinations in our “neck of the woods”, as illustrated in the January 2018 edition of AOPA Pilot Magazine. 

The article, “Wings and Wheels – Building an Aviation Ecosystem in Bike Country” concentrates on back-country airstrips near us in the Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas that offer ways to combine aviation with rafting, hiking, camping, fishing, mountain biking and more.   The article describes some lesser known back-country strips, such as “Ponca International”, a challenging airstrip built on a hillside near the Buffalo National River.  Another back-country gem not far from 2A2 is Byrd’s Back Country Airstrip on the Mulberry River.  It gives aviators access to hiking, rock climbing, camping and more.  They also have a general store, a restaurant, cabins and regularly scheduled events.


Gaston’s White River Resort, a 3,200 foot grass strip adjacent to the White River near Mountain Home, AR is a bit more “civilized” and is a regular detestation of many HMA’rs because of their restaurant’s delicious Sunday brunch.  You’ll also find a unique gift shop, and for trout fishing it’s a world class resort with riverfront cabins.










Check out the article in the January edition of AOPA Pilot Magazine or view it online HERE.  AOPA also published another Ozarks aviation article in June 2016 which you can visit HERE.



Pass the Stuffing!

It took an airplane hangar to hold it all!

About 50 HMAr’s and their families spent Thanksgiving afternoon at the hangar of Ron and Mary Edwards *stuffing* themselves with an amazing array of turkey, ham, veggies, and all the trimmings.

Followed by a round of touch ‘n go’s at the dessert tables (yes, tableS)…  It was a great opportunity to come together to give thanks (and eat and eat and eat) with our families and friends at the airpark.



Happy Holidays to all!

2018 New Years Progressive Dinner Plans

The annual kick off to the new year is once again upon us – the 2018 New Years Day Progressive Dinner!

HMAr’s are in for some “closed pattern work” as pilots and passengers will progress around the airpark, albeit in cars and not airplanes.   Holley Mountaineers visit three HMA homes and/or hangars for a fun night that will begin at 5:30pm at one home with appetizers; move on at 6:30pm to someone’s hangar for the main course; and then on to another home at 7:30pm for dessert.   This year the Haley’s have volunteered to start the night at their BRAND NEW home for appetizers. THANK YOU Neil and Debby!  Next, we caravan over to John and Carol Oakland’s hangar for the main event.  Save room for dessert at Walt and Linda Petersen’s.   For more info and to RSVP, contact Beth Robinson.  A special invitation goes out to our non-resident property owners – if you can, please make plans to join us!  We’d love to see everyone to start off the new year!