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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do you have to own an aircraft to live at HMA?

A: NO, but unless you have a real interest in aviation or an aviation need for your business, it would be expensive to purchase property here and pay dues without utilizing any of the aviation benefits of our beautiful Mountaintop Airpark.


Q: Who owns the runway?

A: Our airpark property owners association owns the runway and taxiways.


Q: Will the runway ever be extended beyond 4,800ft?

A: Don’t think so, not without building onto the mountain or building one monster of a bridge structure. We actually own two sets of RABBIT and MALSR lights but we don’t have the ground at the end of the runways to install them. Which, by the way that provides for a lot of safety in the twin engine planes. You can loose altitude for miles and continue with a lot of room to get turned around.


Q: Why is runway 23 right traffic?

A: To save all of us as tax payers money. The Airforce had a low level C-130 route that passed just south-east and over us. When we built the new runway and went public they came to us and asked if we could keep all traffic to the north-west of the field, they would restrict the left side of their route as they passed HMA. That would keep them or us as tax payers from doing a complete new environmental study to move their route at an estimated 6 figure cost. Since Holley Mountain has developed we have not seen much of the C-130’s low on the their now restricted route south-east of us. However, anytime they are near airports, anywhere in Arkansas, they are always on VHF giving traffic reports to that airport.


Q: Does being located in the Shirley MOA hurt?

A: Not at all. The floor of the MOA is 10,000 msl to FL 180. It only provides us with a spectacular view of some great F-16 dog fights, courtesy of the Air National Guard, about once a month or so.


Q: Why is Holley Mountain Airpark a public use airport?

A: First and foremost we wanted to be great neighbors to our community and provide a service to our area that due to its location the city airport cannot provide. Why? It’s in the valley with rising terrain off both ends. One of the services that HMA provides is Instrument RNAV/GPS Approaches for business and especially medical flights during IMC. Our HMA residents are thought of in our community, as persons that are aiding the development of our county as a whole and making it a safer place too. It is great to see all the HMA residents respected so greatly.


Q: How do I get the Runway End Identifier Lights (RAILS) on?

A: When you 7 click the runway lights into High the RAILS come on automatically. They are always off when the runway lights are in Medium or Low.


Q: How do I get the Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) lights on?

A: They are on full time.


Q: Is it always this quiet on the mountain?

A: Yes, with the exception of an occasional aircraft going over or after a hard rain as the water is running in Weaver Creek.


Q: What is the weather like in the Ozarks? How hot does it get in the summer? How cold does it get in the winter? What is the annual rainfall? How many days is it sunny? How much snow falls in the wintertime?

A: Statistical answers to some of these questions may be found on our Climate & Demographics pages. For a more human response to this question, consider that this region of Arkansas is one of the most seasonably friendly places on earth. Yes, we do have a few "really hot" days in the summer, usually between mid-July and mid-August, when all we want to do is play at Greers Ferry Lake. And in the wintertime, we can get maybe 4" of snow at one time and not feel like doing much besides sipping hot chocolate by the fireplace. But usually, it's only a few days before the snow melts. The rest of the year the daytime highs range from about 85 down to the 50s, and nighttimes lows go from the 70s down to about 32. All of this under mostly fair, sunny skies awash with gentle breezes and the sweet scent of mountain-fresh air.



Q: Is water obtained by drilled well or public water system?

A: Very early on we all were on wells, but considering future demands and to provide requirements for the desired fire protection we decided for the very best water system possible: Community Water System, of Greers Ferry, AR. We now have a system with hydrants with a maximum distance of 600 ft from each property that will supply between 1,000 and 2,300 GPM each.


Q: Are the neighbors really that great?

A: YES! All you have to do is just ask any of the residents about any of the other neighbors and see the responses you get.


Q: What kind of wildlife are found on the Mountain?

A: Mainly Deer, Squirrel, Rabbit, and an occasional Fox.


Q: How do residents open the gated entry?

A: It is a Door King Controller with radio, card reader and telephone interfaces. The gate opens by using a clicker (same as a garage door opener), or with a card on the card reader, or by telephone entry (by calling one of the residents programmed into the controller). Each resident opens the gate for their own guest from their home telephone.



Q: Since the Airpark is gated, if one needed an ambulance or fire services, how do they gain entry?

A: Our Fire Department is located on the grounds of our gated community. In an emergency,our county 911 center dispatcher can open our gate for 1 ½ hr periods by radio (another one of Jim’s neat tricks). This is handy if a resident needed an ambulance, or in the event of a medical flight using our facility. During those times when our Fire Dept is needed for mutual aid off the airpark, or if we needed mutual aid within the gates from the City or other Fire Departments, the gate is already open when the emergency vehicles arrive or depart.



Q: Where do we get our mail?

A: Since it is not feasible to have rural mailboxes next to road/taxiways (wing tip clearances) we have a Community Postal Center at the bottom of the hill on Airpark Blvd just inside our main entrance gate. This location also doubles as a bus stop for the school bus. It keeps our children inside the airpark until they load for school.


Q: Does the hangar & house have to be separate or can we construct a hangar as part of our house?

A: This is your choice, just so your plans meet the requirements within the protective covenants.


Q: Do you have to build a Hangar?

A: No, but who wants to live on an airpark without a hangar?


Q: What does home construction cost per square foot in this area?

A: Construction cost differs with individual architectural designs, but according to the bankers asked, $90-$100 per square foot was a good average to work with for this area.


Q: What do property taxes run?

A: Property Tax annually is 20 % of the Market Value x .04370 Example: $250,000 x 20 % = 50,000 x .04370 = $ 2,185.00.


Q: What are the average home insurance costs for HMA?

A: Average annual insurance premiums for our home valued just over $200K are approximately $500 or less. Due to the ISO Class 1 status, our rates have fallen drastically!!


Q: How much are dues at Holley Mountain Airpark?

A: Dues are $125 per month.


Q: What utilities are at Holley Mountain Airpark?

A: Our electrical power is supplied by Petit Jean Electric Coop, a member owned local REA company. Land-line telephone service is supplied by locally owned Arkansas Telephone Co.. Our water is supplied by local member-owned Community Water Service. There is no natural gas, however Ferrellgas and Independent Propane (formerly Hometown Propane) are our local propane providers. There are different options for Internet connections, including DSL provided by Arkansas Telephone. See the Utilities page for more information.


Q: Is there Standby-By or Back-Up power for the Airport?

A: Yes!! We do have stand-by power for essential Airport operations, such as runway and approach lighting, etc.


Q: Does HMA have a sewer system?

A: No, however prior to installation of our water system each and every one of the tracts had to be soil pit tested to support individual septic systems and had to pass inspection with the Arkansas State Health Department which issues approval for constructions. This means all tracts have been perc tested.


Q: Why are most of the tracts so large?

A: We wanted people to be able to have plenty of space. We could have cut them into smaller tracts, but that would take away from the whole being of the mountain setting. On most tracts, don’t cut your trees and you will only see your neighbors’ places about 4 months out of the year. I guess most developers would have cut the tracts smaller, but the $$ factor is not the main object when it comes to growing a community of like-minded friends and neighbors.





Q: How far is it to Greers Ferry Lake?

A: You can get to one of the boat landings a little quicker, but to the Choctaw Marina or the Fairfield Bay Marina is less than a 20 min. drive for each. Both facilities offer slip rentals, amenities and are really nice places to depart onto the lake from.



Q: How did Holley Mountain get its name?

A: It was named for the original settlers of the mountain, The Holley family. The poem below is authored by a man who grew up on Holley Mountain, many years ago.


Among the Stars and Cedar Trees (click to listen)

By James A Harness


While I sit here in my cabin ~With the night so dark and still

My mind goes back to a four room shack ~At a homeplace on this hill

I found many hidden treasures ~In this place of rest and peace

Yes it's here on Holley Mountain among the Stars and Cedar trees.


I can hear the distant echo ~From a lonesome whippoorwill

He's always tried to tell me ~There's treasures in this hill

Now much more than lifeless pages ~Like my mother said they'd be

It's the homes on Holley Mountain ~Among the Stars and Cedar trees.


Seems I hear the sound of songbirds ~In the sky so bright and clear

They're searching for the long green meadow ~A place of rest and free from fear

A masterpiece of Gods creation ~Standing tall for all to see

A taste of heaven's on this mountain ~Among the Stars and Cedar trees.



Q: What makes Holley Mountain different from other Airparks?

A: Besides our expansive facilities and pastoral grounds, our developers, our staff and every one of our property owners are truly good neighbors. Bottom line, our most distinguishing distinction is our people.


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