‘HMAW’ Ladies Have a Fun Musical Gathering

The women of HMA (HMAW), had a fun gathering Monday night (2/5) at Beth Sauer’s home on Stinson.

Earlier, anniversary dates had been collected, and the surprise reason was to share what the #1 song was on each woman’s wedding date. Beth played samples from each song as all tried to figure out if it might be theirs. Songs ranged from the romantic such as Best of My Love by Petula Clark (Debbie Haley), to some really apropos songs such as Get Out of My Dreams, Get Into My Car by Billy Ocean (Cheryl Williams).  This was followed by a contest to see who could guess the number of 3D airplanes (not pictures of planes) in 5 rooms of Beth’s home. It was 37, and Shirley Scroggins got it exactly (even finding one Beth missed)!  That was followed by a “chick flick”, The Proposal (Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds) which gave everyone a good time!  The HMAW gathers as often as someone decides to hold a gathering and all women of HMA are welcome.  (Beth is working on a list of HMAW and their contact information that can be shared with the group.)

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