2018 New Years Progressive Dinner Plans

The annual kick off to the new year is once again upon us – the 2018 New Years Day Progressive Dinner!

HMAr’s are in for some “closed pattern work” as pilots and passengers will progress around the airpark, albeit in cars and not airplanes.   Holley Mountaineers visit three HMA homes and/or hangars for a fun night that will begin at 5:30pm at one home with appetizers; move on at 6:30pm to someone’s hangar for the main course; and then on to another home at 7:30pm for dessert.   This year the Haley’s have volunteered to start the night at their BRAND NEW home for appetizers. THANK YOU Neil and Debby!  Next, we caravan over to John and Carol Oakland’s hangar for the main event.  Save room for dessert at Walt and Linda Petersen’s.   For more info and to RSVP, contact Beth Robinson.  A special invitation goes out to our non-resident property owners – if you can, please make plans to join us!  We’d love to see everyone to start off the new year!

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